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I sometimes have some very civic minded thoughts and I need a place to park them before I release them into the twitterverse. Hence, my blog was born.

Immigration to the United States and the Syrian Civil War.

I can’t believe some politicians choose party over the Nation. Continue reading

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Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals “Think.”

    Evan Sayet, 2006: I call myself a 9/13 Republican. I grew up a liberal New York Jew; you don’t get much more liberal than that–although it was lower-case “l,” not what’s considered Liberal today. I graduated from high school … Continue reading

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Journalism is an act, not a profession

By: Steven Greenhut 7/11/2013 02:22 PM SACRAMENTO – Watching some recent debates about who is a “real journalist” and who isn’t has been a source of amusement for me given that being a real journalist has not always been that … Continue reading

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My Case for a No Fly Zone in Syria

Wow – Obama says he doesn’t actually know what he’s going to do about Syria. He hasn’t decided what kind of weapons to send to the rebels and he doesn’t yet know if a no fly zone will be a … Continue reading

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Government Workforce Mindset

Special Counsel’s Conclusion     As discussed above, several of the Air Force’s findings are not supported by the evidence presented and thus do not appear reasonable. Those findings demonstrate a pattern of the Air Force’s failure to acknowledge culpability for … Continue reading

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Monday, July 14, 2011

Senator McConnell:  I’m just a nobody out here in the U.S. Who’s been watching the debt and deficit debates. I have a request for you and the Senate Republicans that I hope you will consider. I would like to see … Continue reading

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