Immigration to the United States and the Syrian Civil War.

Lack of Executive Action
I saw both Chris Murphy and Ron Johnson this morning on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Both are Senators in the United States Congress, one representing the Democrat point of view and the other the Republican on the subject of ten thousand Syrian refugees immigrating to the United States as the Syrian civil war takes place.
Mind you, the war has been in effect for four years.

These are my thoughts on
Immigration to the United States and the Syrian Civil War.

Dear Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT): First, please address your fellow Senators by their title and not their first name. They do deserve your respect.

Second, every aspect of the immigration, lack of speed at the vetting of potential emigres and the civil war in Syria and the terror of ISIL can be laid at the feet of the Executive Branch, and therefore President Obama. Please, finally, regardless of party, place the blame where it belongs.

As to the immigration process: it takes from 18 months to 2 years to vet a single person wishing to come to America. It doesn’t matter which nationality, these are the facts. Where is the improvement of that process under President Obama’s watch? It simply doesn’t exist. As you should remember, prior to Candidate Obama taking office, he was unable to correctly vet Van Johnson. There has been no improvement; however he supposedly can vet his cabinet members almost immediately as they have been cronies and personal friends it seems. That’s a terrible record for the nation of the United States.

Further, you stated you thought it would be a good idea to take the monies appropriated to Train and Arm the Syrian Rebels and use that money to bring 50 thousand Syrian refugees to America. Obviously you are aware that a specific amount is required per person, per family, to insure that they are not a drain on the national debt. (Most people aren’t aware of this.) However, wouldn’t it be best to do as the Congress of the United States has voted on and approved – Train and arm the Rebels of Syria? After all, the vacuum left in Iraq that gave rise to ISIL has been caused by President Obama’s withdrawal prior to the insurance that both Iraq and Iran, and the surrounding area, was stable. Besides, there are 4 thousand possible trainees that are in Europe right now that have left their Syrian homeland and an additional 7 million who are displaced from their lands in Syria. Somehow, I think the US might find more than the 50 they’ve trained to date. Again, this failure can be laid at the feet of President Obama as both C-in-C and it’s most high Executive.

It isn’t wrong to admit the truth. But, it is wrong to sidestep reality for the sake of your political party as you showed in your appearance today. If you’d not noticed, the American citizen, almost to a person, is fed up with politicians doing exactly what you are doing: ignoring the reality of political problems by banking on both the Liberal Media and the supposed ignorance of the American voter.

As the election process for the next President continues, please institute what your constituency demands: a better political process and an executive in the oval office worthy of the title of President. One who, through their foreign policy, places the safety and security of the United States foremost as both the Chief Executive as well as the Commander-in-Chief. (I doubt seriously your statement today that you couldn’t find one person in your state that would agree to Train and Arm the Syrian Rebels. [A parphrase of mine])

Also, since it’s not your race, please refrain from interfering simply for the sake of your political party. Let the candidates speak for themselves. If they can’t make the case for their own election¬† then they shouldn’t receive the support of the American public. I’m sure you agree. At least, if you’re an honest politician you should agree.


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I sometimes have some very civic minded thoughts and I need a place to park them before I release them into the twitterverse. Hence, my blog was born.
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