My Case for a No Fly Zone in Syria


Wow – Obama says he doesn’t actually know what he’s going to do about Syria. He hasn’t decided what kind of weapons to send to the rebels and he doesn’t yet know if a no fly zone will be a part of the plan.

I have a feeling that the reason Obama doesn’t know is that Obama has zip for experience when it comes to war. So far, since he came into office, all he has done is delegate the Afghan and Iraqi Wars to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As we all recall, when a second surge was discussed, Obama dithered. Remember that? Cheney got involved in that one and forced Obama’s hand by simply using that word – dithering. Classic political push from Darth Vader and Obama in his mom jeans caved.

So, here we are again between a rock and a hard place and Obama has failed to do that which he does best – outsource his problem to someone else. He tried to send all of this to the UN but of course, that didn’t work, and why would it? As I recall, the United States of America doesn’t need to ask anyone – no nation, no body, no international court, whether it can or cannot protect it’s citizens from the evil of he world. We are a sovereign nation who, like all nations, need no one’s permission to defend ourselves.

Unfortunately though, we have a President who has no experience in either running a large conglomeration of diverse entities nor does he have the experience to run a soda shop on the weekends. Therefore, Obama sits and ‘thinks’, which is just really another word for ‘dither’. Here we go again.

I come down on the side of the no fly zone much more than the insertion of new weaponry into the Syrian Civil War. Unlike some politicians, I realize that whatever weapons we decide to offer up to the rebels can one day come back to be aimed at our young soldiers. Realizing that, I would have to say that the no fly zone allows us to do a couple of things without leaving behind anything that may come back to bite us.

First, we can, from the air, take out the command and control of the Syrian Government. That would benefit us in numerous ways, knowing of course that the Russians are sitting off shore and will help Assad where they can, they won’t have that ship there in the long term. What will be left will be late 20th Century technology when all is said and done. Bonus – as Syria when it tries to rebuild will be spending their cash on products made in the US of A. I like that idea considering we need something to do as a nation – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Secondly, we will be able to slice and dice their air power. Yes, Russia has just delivered their outstanding military orders for machinery which included jets and tanks and such. But, we can hit those babies from miles above thereby offering the Russians a reason to not interfere. After all, they’d have to replace those jets in the future as Syria rebuilds. I’ve never known a true Russian to not have an ulterior motive to any deal. They say they’re helping their ally, but they also have a couple of moves laid out to their benefit in the future. Additionally, there are those horrid little tank thingy s that are terrorizing the people of Syria who just want to get on with their lives. I see no reason we can’t target those things and reduce the Syrian Assad Regime’s power to inflict civilian casualties. Sure, we will have some collateral damage while we do this, but if the Syrian people are first made aware of what we are about to do, I’m sure they’ll give the Regime a wide birth. Besides, if our previous air raids are any indication of what could be, this won’t take too long. We’re in, we’re out, and the people of Syria begin to decide for themselves how they will continue into the 21st century. Will they enter as a nation governed by the people, for the people, or will they allow themselves to be subservient to a Dictator who obviously sees no problem in attacking and killing his own people just because he’s hungry for power.

As for the religious overtones in the region, I’ll deal with that in another post. There is no reason to make religion the crux of this issue. After all, this battle has been going on between the west and Persia from the beginning of known time. All one need do is remember the Persian Wars beginning in 492 BCE. Some things never change.


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I sometimes have some very civic minded thoughts and I need a place to park them before I release them into the twitterverse. Hence, my blog was born.
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